Fun every day!

Each year, TPS offers a variety of Enrichment Camps allowing campers to delve deeply into a theme, a skill, or a topic.  These rich experiences are tailored to the camper’s age group and development. Offerings include a well-rounded selection and are built on some of the best progressive educational principles – choice, constructivism, challenge, relationships, and fun!


ASEP Early Summer Program - Sense Adventures: Explore the Five Senses 

June 11 - 15 ● campers currently in preschool - 5th grade      (**current TPS students only**)

Join us for a week long adventure exploring the wonderful world of our senses and answer the questions:  How do we see and hear?  What allows us to taste different foods and experience a sense of touch? Why is the sense of smell different from all the other senses?  On Friday students will enjoy the Annual Water Carnival at TPS. The day will be filled with a carnival of activities in the gym, as well as water games, water toys, and pools outside in the TPS yard, known as The ESP Beach.


All-Star Sports with Obvious Choice Sports

Weekly, June 18 - July 13 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 5th

The Obvious Choice Sports team returns to The Philadelphia School for a dynamic summer of athletic fun! Campers will learn and improve their skills under the guidance of talented and experienced coaching staff in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, floor hockey, and dodgeball.  Each day will be filled with practice drills, relay races, and game play designed to help campers practice fundamentals, improve their motor skills, and build confidence.  Obvious Choice Sports offers campers of all skill levels an environment where they can play sports without pressure, while having a great time. Join in the All-Star fun!  

Animation: Art that Moves

June 18 - 22, June 25-29 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 8th

Do you like to draw? Create characters? Make up stories? In this animation workshop, kids will learn the art of hand drawn animation. The group will also cover storyboarding and character design. The approach to animation will be hands on and art centered, as opposed to relying on digital software methods. Campers will learn the basics of animation, including storytelling, timing, pacing, and creating characters, as well as a few tricks to save time and make their films look better.  They’ll also visit the University of Arts animation studios with John Serpentelli, director of nearly 100 short animated films for networks such as HBO, Nickelodeon, Noggin, and PBS, to see how hand drawn animation comes together.  (Maximum enrollment: 12)


Basic Engineers with Snapology

July 9-13 ● campers currently in Kindergarten

In Snapology’s Basic Engineers children will build super-cool models using gears, axles, and pulleys.  Students will work in teams under guided instruction to build different models throughout the week.  This camp is designed for children of all building levels to build together.  There will also be scheduled free-building time, for students to express their creative side.   (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Ballet: Cinderella with Fallon Gannon

June 18 - 22 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Join Ballet camp with Fallon Gannon and learn about the ballet Cinderella. Dancers will have a ballet class everyday, learn about the story and characters, make crafts, and learn a dance from the ballet. TPS’s much beloved ballet instructor, Fallon Gannon, will be returning to share the joy of moving to music in a class focused on enriching children’s lives with an appreciation for and a love of dance. The end of the week will conclude with a short performance with costumes, for family and friends. This camp is open to both male and female dancers.   (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Basketball Clinic

June 11 - 15 ● campers currently in grades 6th - 8th   (1:00-4:00pm)

Led by TPS Head Basketball Coach, Bart Jeannoute, this premier clinic will help facilitate personal development and push independent drive.  Players will be introduced to various skills, drills, and concepts. There will be an opportunity for a scrimmage and debrief throughout the clinic. Students will get the opportunity to meet and receive shooting instruction from Dan Burke, the Head Coach for Men's Basketball at Wilmington University. This clinic is designed to facilitate a fairly competitive atmosphere. All skill levels are welcome, but all players should be prepared to exert a significant amount of effort and focus.

Please Note: This clinic is coed and open to all interested students, including non-TPS students. Enrollment  in the clinic does not confirm participation in the TPS winter basketball season. Please contact Athletic Director Bart Jeannoute with program questions. (Maximum enrollment: 40)


Camp Lila with Patrice Seko McFadden

June 25 - 29 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

As we grow older, many of us forget what it means to be childlike. When surrounded by children we can more easily remember the importance of “lila,” the Sanskrit word meaning “play.” In this camp, yogis will explore yoga poses by playing games, developing team-building skills through group and partner activities, as well as participate in individual yoga classes. Children will have the opportunity for self-expression by creating mandalas, weaving, building a mini Zen garden, exploring nature, and more. We will learn about the body, discuss feelings and emotions and read stories about kindness, compassion and empathy.  Sometimes, we will practice the art of slowing down and cultivate mindfulness through noticing, listening, breathing, resting and relaxing. Other times we will move, sing, dance, allow ourselves to be silly…and play. Yoga has so many benefits…especially for the little yogis.   (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Clay & Cooking

June 18 - 22 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Campers will learn the art and craft of clay with TPS after school teacher Lynne Dorman. Add to that some time in the kitchen, and this year’s campers will leave with not only clay creations but culinary ones as well. Campers will expand their imagination and learn a variety of ceramic techniques. Each day will feature hands-on work with clay and cooking instruction from a trained chef. All materials are included in the cost of camp.   (Maximum enrollment: 12)


Code Explorers

June 25 - 29 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Code Explorers will travel on an immersive journey through the wonders of computer programming by mastering the “Core 4 Concepts of Coding” - variables, loops, functions, and conditionals. Fusing together activities that offer unplugged, gamified, hands-on, and inquiry-driven experiences, Code Explorers will endeavor to learn more about how a computer “thinks” and how we as coders can effectively direct computers to listen to commands. Unlike most missions, failure actually is an option as we plan on making plenty of mistakes so that we can learn quickly from them. Through the spirit of teamwork and by championing resilience, we will use our growth mindsets to try again and again to take the next step on our path to comprehending computational thinking. Join us as we explore the wonderful world of computers and programming!   (Maximum enrollment: 12)

Colby Chess Academy

June 18 - 22 & June 25 - 29 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 8th

Join our own national championship chess coach, Ross Colby, for a week of intensive chess instruction. Players will participate in strategy sessions, tournament matches, simultaneous exhibitions, and, of course, speed and bug house round robins. At the end of each week, campers will enjoy a party, as well as an awards ceremony. Ross has either played on or coached teams that have won state and national championships in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania; in fact, two TPS teams have even won national championships! With coaching at this level, who knows what future achievements are in store for the TPS Chess Tigers! Chess players from other schools are welcome.   (Maximum enrollment: 30)

Comedy & Improv Camp

June 25-29  ● For campers currently in grades 3rd - 8th

Campers will spend the week practicing improv comedy, and learning fun new acting and theater games. These games help hone their performance skills and give them a chance to perform with their peers. Students will have the chance to practice improv and sketch comedy, then host a final performance for parents and friends at the end of the week!   (Maximum enrollment: 12)

Creative Craft Laboratory

June 25-29 & July 2 - 6 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Create amazing "green" artwork of all colors from an exciting variety of art materials in the TPS Creative Craft Laboratory with TPS after school teacher Christina Sabato! Each day, campers will explore different media and learn new art-making skills through guided and independent projects. Experiment with new techniques to recycle, upcycle, and decorate with items that might otherwise be discarded. Draw, paint, sculpt, sew, and design trash into practical, beautiful art treasures in this week of creative fun!   (Maximum enrollment: 10)


Drawing & Oil Painting

June 18 - 22 & July 2 - 6  ● For campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting by building an understanding of light and shade, basic color theory, and perspective. The camp includes creating plein-air sketches in pencil and/or charcoal, using the sketches to create a limited palette painting, followed by creating a full color piece. Through this gradual process of creation, learn how light, shade, color, and perspective affect the composition and spatial differences, when creating a representational or impressionist painting.  (Maximum enrollment: 12)


Exploring the City by Bike

June 25-29  ● For campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Join us for a special urban experience with the world's most efficient machine, the bicycle. As Philadelphians we have access to one of the best bike trails in the country, the Schuylkill River trail. Each day instructors will accompany campers along car-free roads and trails to glimpse the city and surrounding areas from our bikes. Campers will ride during the morning at a reasonable and safe pace, traveling 5-15 miles. We'll spend the afternoons talking bikes, learning basic repairs, and even watching moments from the greatest bike race in the world, the Tour de France. Campers must have a bike in decent working order (instructors have experience with bike maintenance and repair), a helmet, and water bottle(s). Cycling shorts are strongly encouraged but not required. We're looking forward to seeing sites, getting exercise, learning skills, and making friends while rolling through the summer.   (Maximum enrollment: 20)


Fashion & Machine Sewing

Weekly, June 18 - July 13 ● campers currently in grades 6th - 8th

Whether you are an aspiring fashion designer or a creative camper looking for new skills, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of machine sewing! Designed with older campers in mind, this program is all about choice and creative expression. Campers will be taught how to read and use a wide variety of Simplicity Creative Group patterns, as well as how to pick and pursue projects from our favorite book, Sewing in a Straight Line by Brett Bara. In addition to a catalog of over 20 patterns, including new on-trend patterns, campers will get to choose from dozens of bolts of tempting fabrics to bring individual style and flare to their creations. There are more than enough options to keep you coming back week after week. Campers will produce a Fashion Show on the last day of each session. Read More!


Film Making

July 9 - 13 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Roll out the red carpet--the TPS film crew is headed your way. Campers will make their own movies as they explore cinematography and a variety of filmmaking techniques. Students will strengthen their storytelling abilities, create narratives, and learn how to do some editing of scenes on the computer. We will watch clips from movies and analyze formal techniques that make scenes effective. Campers will research different genres of movies, including drama, comedy, action, documentary, biography, experimental, and sci-fi. It truly takes a village to make a film; students will practice writing a script, directing, acting, and assisting in each other’s films. (Maximum enrollment: 10)


July 9 - 13 ● campers currently in grades 5th - 8th

A week of challenges and wild skills awaits you at TPS’s Firekeepers camp! Recent books and movies have us thinking about a world gone amuck, but that’s not the only time that knowing the natural world is worthwhile. Learn to move about the woods knowledgeably through tracking games, navigation activities, and waterfall hikes. Become a water-purifier, shelter-builder, and fire-maker. Test your skills in water wars, a silent night hike, and the ultimate stalking experience of the Lantern Game. We’ll meet at The Philadelphia School on our first day to prepare. On Tuesday we will head to Rickett’s Glen in the Poconos for four days and three nights of camping. There will be beautiful sites, a chance to build outdoor skills, and lots of time connecting with your TPS friends by the fireside. Join Wendy Furry for an unforgettable week! Note: We will be tent-camping, but students do not need to have a tent to participate.   (Maximum enrollment: 24)


Firekeepers: Alumni Weekend

July 21 - 22 ● campers currently in grades 8th - 11th     (*TPS alumni only*)

What do you remember? Is it the long-winded jokes told while hiking the waterfall trail? Making Traps? The Lantern Game? Come back and join us for a throwback 'return to the wilderness' overnight! Reunite with TPS friends at a special local alumni event. Come to a Firekeepers-style camping overnight at the Schuylkill Center for Environmental Education. Cook meals over the bonfire, play night stealth games, make s'mores and camp together in your old "outdoor classroom". TPS faculty and alumni will meet at the Schuylkill Center on Saturday, July 21 at 5:00pm. We’ll fill the night with the best of Firekeepers and break down camp Sunday, July 22 at 11:00am.  Please contact Wendy Furry with specific questions. Please note:  Alumni are responsible for transportation to and from Schuylkill Center.  (Maximum enrollment: 25) 


Girls Volleyball Clinic

July 16 - 20 ● campers currently in grades 6th - 11th  (1:00 - 4:00pm)

Led by TPS teacher, Coach Stasia Sumpapool, this premier clinic will help facilitate personal development and push independent drive. This clinic will be covering all aspects of the game including passing, setting, serving, blocking and attacking. By combining high repetitions of these skills along with application in game-like scenarios, players will be able to leave this clinic with a sense of how doing the "small stuff" right can lead to big impact on the court. Participants should come prepared to play with pads and appropriate attire, including sneakers. Coach Stasia is a 6th grade teacher at TPS. Her experience with volleyball ranges from playing club throughout high school, earning a scholarship at Division 1 Loyola University in Maryland, playing abroad for USA Athletes International, and coaching clubs for TCA Baltimore, Valley Forge Volleyball Club, and Philadelphia Volleyball Academy.

Please Note : This clinic is open to all interested students, who identify as female, including non-TPS students. Enrollment in the clinic does not confirm participation in the TPS volleyball season. Please contact Stasia Sumpapool with program questions.  (Maximum enrollment: 30)


Handwork Day Camp

Weekly, June 18 - July 13 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 5th

Picture your child in the care of energetic and imaginative counselors from the Handwork Studio. At Handwork Day Camp, you’ll find campers sharing stories and laughs while working on a wide array of unique projects. Our goal is to teach useful skills such as hand-sewing, embroidery, knitting, weaving, needle-felting, and much more! Whether refining skills or learning brand new ones, our camp is sure to delight. Join the fun with summer’s fresh new curriculum and different projects every week!  Read More!


Intro to Drone Flying Missions

July 2 - 6 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Intro to Drone Flying Missions is specifically designed for campers with little to no experience flying drones. We use the safest and most reliable drone products on the market, including the Parrot™ drones for enhanced safety and most of all, fun. Campers will learn the basics of drone technology and safety before taking to the air. Through the use of iPad flight simulators and clear instructions on basic flying maneuvers, young Drobots pilots will experience a program filled with excitement, games, challenges, and learning. Campers work all week long to prepare for the most enjoyable part of the week: the Ultimate Drone Games that include events such as: Tic-Tac-Drone, Drone Darts, Duck-Duck-Drone, and more. All campers go home with interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots Company keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer. Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones are included in this program. Read More! (Maximum enrollment: 16)


Making A Musical

June 25-29 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 5th

Campers will learn the many aspects of making a musical play. Under the leadership of TPS music teacher Tatyana Smolen, they’ll choose the plot and then write the music and a liberetto. The music will be arranged for different instruments and voices before campers begin staging, creating costumes, and designing sets.  In the process we will be learning a lot about singing, acting, and playing instruments. The week will conclude with a performance of the campers’ creation.


Mindcraft with Snapology

June 18 - 22 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 5th

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Minecraft® and more?  In Snapology’s EPIC Minecraft®, you are going to be put to the test.  Your knowledge is going to be challenged in games of crafting and creating.  Come join us as we bring Minecraft® to life using LEGO® bricks.  Create your own world, including animals, creepers and your very own Minecraft® character.   (Maximum enrollment: 14)

Soccer Camp with Soccer Shots

June 18 - 22 ● campers currently in grades K - 2nd

Soccer Shots provides young children with a positive introduction to soccer. Through quality, high-energy programming and principled instruction from highly trained coaches, Soccer Shots is a fun, age-appropriate way to play soccer. An extension of our after-school program, Soccer Shots focuses on individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner. Along the way, Soccer Shots coaches also teach positive life skills that will leave a lasting impact on every participant.   (Maximum enrollment: 20)


Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge

July 2 - 6 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Ultimate Drone Obstacle Challenge is specifically designed for both the novice and experienced drone enthusiasts. This is week is filled with pure action as students enjoy one of the world’s fastest growing sports, Drone Obstacle Racing. Campers will first learn about the basic safety of drone flying and the history behind drone racing as a sport. From there, campers will progress through various skill challenges and learn how to perform various exercises and maneuvers to become familiar with the drone’s speed and agility. Campers will use iPads and remote controls to navigate the drone through short and long obstacle courses. Participants will also create the design and help build the obstacle course in preparation for the last day’s final activity and competition. All campers go home with interactive workbooks and plenty of Drobots Company keepsakes and trinkets so the memories last long beyond the summer. Drone safety and the social responsibilities of flying drones are included in this program. Read More! (Maximum enrollment: 16)

Wild Science World

July 9 - 13 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Join us for a week of scientific adventures and wonder-filled experiments! Build and use scientific instruments, grow your own crystals, combine chemicals to discover surprising reactions and confounding concoctions, create circuits to control electric power, race marbles on exciting courses that you design, and unlock some secrets of the natural world. Through both daily and week-long experiments, curious campers will investigate chemistry, meteorology, physics, biology, and geology. Expect splashes, sparks, and the unexpected in this week of crazy science fun! (Maximum enrollment: 16)

Woodworking Camp

June 18 - 22 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 8th

Bring your creativity, enthusiasm, and community spirit as we spend a week with Terry Maguire immersed in woodworking! Campers will learn about a variety of tools and techniques as they turn original project ideas into reality. Possible projects may include constructing a stool, a box, a bookshelf, birdhouse, musical instrument, a game, and more! Campers will work individually and collaboratively to plan, measure, cut, build, and decorate their projects using basic hand tools. Safety and proper use of protective eyewear will be stressed at all times as campers work with saws, drills, chisels, hammers, and screwdrivers. Woodworking experience is not required; only a desire to learn new skills and have fun!


Wrestling with Beat the Streets

July 9 - 13 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Through games, drills, instruction, and sparring, students will learn the art and craft of wrestling with TPS teacher, Jake Hunter, as well as Beat the Streets coaches. Participants will practice using their bodies effectively and efficiently. By tackling common challenges and working together, campers will form strong peer bonds. Built into each day will be team-building activities and character development conversations. Wrestlers will gain competence and confidence while, most importantly, having fun! (Maximum enrollment: 40)

You Go Girls

June 18 - 22 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Extending the fun of You Go Girls from the school year, this camp will bring girls in grades 4-8 together through running. Under the guidance of Director and YGG founder Meg Waldron, You Go Girls Around the City will focus on raising radiant runners and empowered girls. Together we will cultivate self-worth and self-care, community, and exercise enjoyment. Between runs, girls will play games, work through cooperative challenges, be inspired by special guests, create empowering art, and engage in discussions on what it means to be a girl at school and in the world. This session of You Go Girls will take place on routes near and far from the school as students will use SEPTA to travel to different locations across the city for their runs and activities. (Maximum enrollment: 20)


ZoomDance: Secret Treasure Hunt Adventure

June 25 - 29 ● campers currently in grades K - 2nd

ZoomDance is a movement program for young children that focuses on the joy of dancing and imagination. We'll read several of our favorite treasure books, like The Night Pirates and Russell and the Lost Treasure, then use dance, games, theater, and our creativity to act out the stories and make up our own treasure hunts. Kids will have the chance to create characters, learn choreography, and help make up their own performances. The group will also get to play lots of big movement games with hula hoops, parachutes, scooter boards, and more. We'll do themed messy art projects, make a giant pirate ship, and of course create a secret hideout for all the great treasures we find. At ZoomDance, we love dancing as well as creating an environment allowing kids to learn and explore how to take care of each other, be brave, listen to others, find their own voice and dance moves, and create a community to work together on adventurous new projects.   (Maximum enrollment: 12)