Fun every day!

Each year, TPS offers a variety of Enrichment Camps allowing campers to delve deeply into a theme, a skill, or a topic.  These rich experiences are tailored to the camper’s age group and development. Offerings include a well-rounded selection and are built on some of the best progressive educational principles – choice, constructivism, challenge, relationships, and fun!


ASEP Early Summer Program - Abra…Camp…Dabra! 

June 10 - 14 ● campers currently in preschool - 5th grade      (**current TPS students only**)

Get ready for a marvelous magical summer adventure! In this camp, we'll dive into spellbinding tales of magic from ancient legends to wizarding worlds, with exciting hands-on activities to spark the imagination. Design your own wand, learn from a professional stage magician, explore ideas of magical power in the stories of many cultures, and create a few illusions of your own! The fascinating secrets of potions, spells, predictions, runes, and more await you this summer. Discover the science behind some magic tricks and the magic and wonder in the world around you!


Actor’s Workshop: Toy Stories

July 8 - 12 ● campers currently in grades 6th - 8th

An exceptional drama camp that empowers students to make their own unique works of theatre. Each day will include games, improvisation, exercises, and creative play designed to develop confidence, critical thinking, and imagination. Campers will cultivate their unique artistic voices and develop collaborative skills in the creation of an original performance about toys. This piece of theatre will track changes in our identities through an exploration of the toys we've trashed and treasured. We will interview family members and friends, make performances with old dolls and action figures, and experiment with video games and other digital technologies. Parents will be invited to attend a final showing at the week’s end. Toy Stories is directed by Mason Rosenthal. Mason has over 10 years teaching experience with all ages, including many summers with TPS, and time spent teaching students at NYU, UPenn, and Haverford. He is currently pursuing his MFA in Performance as Public Practice at UT Austin, and is Co-Director of the award winning devised theatre company Lightning Rod Special. (Maximum enrollment: 12)

All-Star Sports with Obvious Choice Sports

Weekly, June 17 - July 26 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 5th

The Obvious Choice Sports team returns to The Philadelphia School for a dynamic summer of athletic fun! Campers will learn and improve their skills under the guidance of talented and experienced coaching staff in a variety of sports including soccer, basketball, floor hockey, and dodgeball.  Each day will be filled with practice drills, relay races, and game play designed to help campers practice fundamentals, improve their motor skills, and build confidence. Obvious Choice Sports offers campers of all skill levels an environment where they can play sports without pressure, while having a great time. Join in the All-Star fun!   (Maximum enrollment: 30)

Ballet: Sleeping Beauty

June 17 - 21 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Join Ballet Camp with Fallon Gannon and learn about the ballet, "Sleeping Beauty" with a beautiful score by Tchaikovsky. Learn about the fun characters: Aurora, Bluebird, Puss ‘N Boots, the White Cat, and the Lilac Fairy. Dancers will have a ballet class everyday, learn about the story and characters, make crafts, and learn dances from the ballet. The end of the week will conclude in a short performance (with costumes!) for family and friends. This camp is open to both male and female dancers.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Basketball Clinic

June 10 - 14 ● campers currently in grades 6th - 8th   (1:00-4:00pm)

Led by TPS Head Basketball Coach, Bart Jeannoute, this premier clinic will help facilitate personal development and push independent drive.  Players will be introduced to various skills, drills, and concepts. There will be an opportunity for a scrimmage and debrief throughout the clinic. Students will get the opportunity to meet and receive shooting instruction from Dan Burke, the Head Coach for Men's Basketball at Wilmington University. This clinic is designed to facilitate a fairly competitive atmosphere. All skill levels are welcome, but all players should be prepared to exert a significant amount of effort and focus.

Please Note: This clinic is coed and open to all interested students, including non-TPS students. Enrollment  in the clinic does not confirm participation in the TPS winter basketball season. Please contact Athletic Director Bart Jeannoute with program questions. (Maximum enrollment: 40)


Camp Lila

June 24 - 28 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

As we grow older, many of us forget what it means to be childlike. When surrounded by children we can more easily remember the importance of “lila,” the Sanskrit word meaning “play.” In this camp, yogis will explore yoga poses by playing games, developing team-building skills through group and partner activities, as well as participate in individual yoga classes. Children will have the opportunity for self-expression by creating mandalas, weaving, building a mini Zen garden, exploring nature, and more. We will learn about the body, discuss feelings and emotions and read stories about kindness, compassion and empathy.  Sometimes, we will practice the art of slowing down and cultivate mindfulness through noticing, listening, breathing, resting and relaxing. Other times we will move, sing, dance, allow ourselves to be silly… and play. Yoga has so many benefits…especially for the little yogis.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Clay & Cooking

June 17 - 21 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Campers will learn the art and craft of clay with TPS after school teacher Lynne Dorman. Add to that some time in the kitchen, with ASEP Chef Bansari Patel. This year’s campers will leave with not only clay creations but culinary ones as well. Campers will expand their imagination and learn a variety of ceramic techniques. Each day will feature hands-on work with clay and cooking instruction from a chef. All materials are included in the cost of camp.   (Maximum enrollment: 12)

Coding Exploration

July 15 - 19 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Learn the basics of programming using a variety of software and tools. Campers will get to use coding programs on the computer and iPad, as well as unplugged with engaging activities they can do without any hardware. We will explore how to program simple games and how to use code to make a robot move. No experience is required nor needed. Patrick Wade is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Arcadia University. He has been teaching for 14 years and is the former TPS Technology Integrator. Patrick is thrilled to return to teach in the community through summer programming. (Maximum enrollment: 12)

Colby Chess Academy

June 17 - 21 & June 24 - 28 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 8th

Join our own national championship chess coach, Ross Colby, for a week of intensive chess instruction. Players will participate in strategy sessions, tournament matches, simultaneous exhibitions, and, of course, speed and bug house round robins. At the end of each week, campers will enjoy a party, as well as an awards ceremony. Ross has either played on or coached teams that have won state and national championships in Arizona, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania; in fact, two TPS teams have even won national championships! With coaching at this level, who knows what future achievements are in store for the TPS Chess Tigers! Chess players from other schools are welcome.   (Maximum enrollment: 30)

Comic Book Animation

June 24 - 28 & July 8 - 12 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 5th

This camp aims to introduce its participants to traditional animation: the art of creating the illusion of movement with static images. We will use a Zoetrope to do so. Participants will take a look at the history of cinema & animation and how it has evolved in its short history to today's computer graphics. We will learn how traditional animation and digital tools merge perfectly as a great tool for communication and expression. Ioannes Busca is a multimedia designer recently established in Philadelphia, wanting to share his interest and skills in illustration, design, and books with others. Ioannes has a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts specialized in Architecture and Cinema.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Creative Craft Laboratory

July 22 - 26 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Create amazing "green" artwork of all colors from an exciting variety of art materials in the TPS Creative Craft Laboratory with TPS after school teacher Christina Sabato! Each day, campers will explore different media and learn new art-making skills through guided and independent projects. Experiment with new techniques to recycle, upcycle, and decorate with items that might otherwise be discarded. Draw, paint, sculpt, sew, and design trash into practical, beautiful art treasures in this week of creative fun!   (Maximum enrollment: 10)


Drawing & Oil Painting

June 24 - 28 & July 1 - 5  ● For campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and painting by building an understanding of light and shade, basic color theory, and perspective. The camp includes creating plein air sketches in pencil and/or charcoal, using the sketches to create a limited palette painting, followed by creating a full color piece. Through this gradual process of creation, learn how light, shade, color, and perspective affect the composition and spatial differences, when creating a representational or impressionist painting.  (Maximum enrollment: 12)


Dungeons & Dragons

July 8 - 12  ● For campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

We will journey far away from TPS into the enchanted lands of Greek, Egyptian, Norse, and Indian legends and mythologies. Campers will get together into campaigns, go out on adventures and quests, and role play as elven wizards, dwarven miners, human rangers, halfling burglars, and orcish barbarians. Dungeons and Dragons is a game of imagination and character development, creativity and cunning, and of course monsters and gold! With guidance from the Dungeon Master, and with the help of four to one-hundred sided dice and pre-created landscapes, castles, and dungeons, we will create characters with strength, intelligence, wisdom, dexterity, constitution, and charisma, we will chose alignments, and forge legendary fellowships! This is a personal passion of Ross Colby, TPS’ renown chess coach.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Exploring the City by Bike

June 17 - 21  ● For campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Join us for a special urban experience with the world's most efficient machine, the bicycle. As Philadelphians we have access to one of the best bike trails in the country, the Schuylkill River trail. Each day instructors will accompany campers along car-free roads and trails to glimpse the city and surrounding areas from our bikes. Campers will ride during the morning at a reasonable and safe pace, traveling 5-15 miles. We'll spend the afternoons talking bikes, learning basic repairs, and even watching moments from the greatest bike race in the world, the Tour de France. Campers must have a bike in decent working order (instructors have experience with bike maintenance and repair), a helmet, and water bottle(s). Cycling shorts are strongly encouraged but not required. We're looking forward to seeing sites, getting exercise, learning skills, and making friends while rolling through the summer.   (Maximum enrollment: 20)


Fabric Dyeing Camp

June 17 - 21 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 5th

This camp is perfect for students who love color and design. Together. we'll explore the process and technique for natural fabric dyeing with plants and spices, the art of Japanese Shibori dyeing, classic Tie-Dye and more! Twist, fold, bind, crunch, sew and tie fabric, add dye, and open to reveal amazingly cool patterns! We'll color T-shirts, scarves, handkerchiefs, and tote bags to make one-of-a-kind items that you can keep for yourself or give as gifts. (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Fashion & Machine Sewing

Weekly, June 17 - July 26 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Whether you are an aspiring fashion designer or a creative camper looking for new skills, immerse yourself in the wonderful world of machine sewing! This program is all about choice and creative expression. Campers will be taught how to read and use a wide variety of patterns, to make their very own clothes, stuffies, bags, and much more! In addition to a catalog of over 20 patterns, campers get to choose from dozens and dozens of bolts of tempting fabrics to bring individual style and flair to every creation. There are more than enough options to keep you coming back week after week and year after year! All skill levels are welcome and all supplies and equipment are provided. Read More!


Fiber Arts Camp with Handwork Studio

Weekly, June 17 - July 26 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Picture your child in the care of energetic and imaginative counselors exploring the world of fiber arts. At Handwork Day Camp, you’ll find campers sharing stories and laughs while working on a wide array of unique fiber arts-based projects. Our goal is to teach useful skills such as hand-sewing, embroidery, knitting, weaving, needle-felting and much more! Campers are always free to express themselves and are enveloped in creativity and fun. Whether refining skills or learning brand new ones, our camp is sure to delight. Join the fun with Summer 2019's brand new curriculum with a different set of projects every week! Read More!

Film Making

July 15 - 19 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Roll out the red carpet--the TPS film crew is headed your way. Campers will make their own movies as they explore cinematography and a variety of filmmaking techniques. Students will strengthen their storytelling abilities, create narratives, and learn how to do some editing of scenes on the computer. We will watch clips from movies and analyze formal techniques that make scenes effective. Campers will research different genres of movies, including drama, comedy, action, documentary, biography, experimental, and sci-fi. It truly takes a village to make a film; students will practice writing a script, directing, acting, and assisting in each other’s films.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)


July 22 - 26 ● campers currently in grades 5th - 8th

A week of challenges and wild skills awaits you at TPS’s Firekeepers camp! We will re-wild ourselves, playing and moving through the natural world, reconnecting to our animal selves.  Learn to move about the woods knowledgeably through tracking games, navigation activities, and waterfall hikes. Become a water-purifier, shelter-builder, and fire-maker. Test your skills in water wars, a silent night hike, and the ultimate stalking experience of the Lantern Game. We’ll meet at The Philadelphia School on our first day to prepare. On Tuesday we will head to Rickett’s Glen in the Poconos for four days and three nights of camping. There will be beautiful sights, a chance to build outdoor skills, and lots of time connecting with your TPS friends by the fireside. Join Jenna Forte, Bri Barton, and Kaley Iacovetta for an unforgettable week! Please note: We will be tent-camping, but students do not need to have a tent to participate.   (Maximum enrollment: 24)


Flag Football

June 17 - 21 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 6th

Under the direction of Coach Abram Frazier, participants in Flag Football will learn the fundamentals of the game while developing important life skills. Campers will have the opportunity to work on individual skill development through drills, while also working on teamwork, perseverance, leadership, responsibility, and conflict resolution. This camp is co-ed and  participants will spend their day stretching, running drills, and scrimmaging. Abram teaches in the TPS After School Enrichment Program and is a graduate of Temple University, with more than five years experience playing football and three years of coaching. (Maximum enrollment: 16)


Junior Engineers with Snapology

July 8 - 12 ● campers currently in Kindergarten

In Snapology’s Junior Engineers children will begin to explore the world of robotics as they build simple models that teach the fundamentals of robotic design. Whether learning about sensors while building drills and magic wands, or discovering ways that gears and pulleys create movement while building helicopters and robotic dogs, your child is sure to have a great time.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)


Minecraft with Snapology

June 17 - 21 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Do you think you know everything there is to know about Minecraft® and more? In Snapology’s EPIC Minecraft®, you are going to be put to the test. Your knowledge is going to be challenged in games of crafting and creating. Come join us as we bring Minecraft® to life using LEGO® bricks. Create your own world, including animals, creepers and your very own Minecraft® character.   (Maximum enrollment: 14)

Plants & Potions

July 22 - 26 ● campers currently in grades 2nd - 5th

Gather round all ye budding witches, wizards, and otherwise magical folk! This summer we will step into the Green and learn about the power of plants. Our journey into herbology will include the concocting of many potions and remedies including healing salves, teas, syrups, and elixirs. We will discover what plants are safe to pick and eat and what plants to avoid. Campers will leave with various herbal home remedies and a plant to care for, along with the empowered knowledge to make their own herbal preparations. Kaley Iacovetta has been working as an educator for the past six years. She’s practiced herbalism for nearly a decade. She currently works in Youth Services at Collingswood Public Library. Her past work with youth includes facilitating after school programs, tutoring, and serving as a field instructor and nature connection mentor. She’s studied plant medicine at the Arctos School and Elderberry School for Botanical Medicine.  (Maximum enrollment: 12)


July 8 - 12 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

While all of us love reading books, how many of us can make books? This interactive camp will lead young artists as they print and construct their very own books from scratch. Campers will experiment with different methods of printmaking, including screenprinting, monoprinting, embossing, paper marbling, and stamping. We will use a variety of inks, papers, and tools throughout the week. Students will construct hand-sewn books using some of the prints made using the pamphlet stitch and Japanese stab binding. They will explore the concepts of composition, design, layering, texture, and space to create original works of art. This is perfect for artists of all skill levels and for book lovers who are ready to take their interest to the next level.  (Maximum enrollment: 8)

Soccer Camp with Soccer Shots

June 24 - 28 & July 15 - 19 ● campers currently in grades K - 2nd

Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Their caring team positively impacts children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. Their coaches are highly-trained and lead expert-approved curriculum that is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition they provide ongoing communication with parents throughout their programming.  As an extension of our after-school programs and summer enrichments, Soccer Shots focuses on individual skill development, fitness, and sportsmanship, providing an opportunity for children to be challenged through fun games and team interaction. Children will also be introduced to competition in a developmentally appropriate manner. Read More!  (Maximum enrollment: 20)

Tennis Camp: Beginner or Intermediate

Beginner: June 24 - 28 & July 15 - 19 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 5th
Intermediate: July 8 - 12 & July 22 - 26 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 5th

The summer tennis enrichment camp offers coaching of the fundamental pieces of tennis including forehands, backhands, volleys, and serves. The beginning of each day would offer a combination of stretching and light tennis warm-ups. The end of the day would consist of drills and court matches, weather permitting. As the week progresses, more games or other forms of tennis competition would increase. The program will be run by TPS alum, Coach Andrew Rickels, who currently attends Colgate University. Andrew has previously coached four years of tennis at Eagles Mere Tennis Center.  He is excited to coach kids where he first picked up the sport! Please Note: Campers with little to no previous tennis experience should enroll in beginner level camp. Those who can already play a match by hitting forehands, backhands, serves, and volleys at a consistent but slow pace, should enroll in the intermediate level camp. Campers should come to camp with a tennis racket, water bottle, tennis shoes (or sneakers), and sunscreen if needed.
(Maximum enrollment: 10)

The Labyrinth

July 22 - 26 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 5th

Calling all programmers and problem solvers! Enjoy a week-long design challenge – Can you escape the labyrinth?  Using robots campers will navigate through a maze filled with obstacles and objectives based on a selected theme. Students will have to adapt their program to deal with an evolving environment.  Students will learn and apply skills such as coding, robotics, and design thinking to solve a problem that is both authentic and personally meaningful. Patrick Wade is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Arcadia University. He has been teaching for 14 years and is the former TPS Technology Integrator. Patrick is thrilled to return to teach in the community through summer programming.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)

TPS Sprints

July 8 - 12 ● campers currently in grades 2nd - 5th

TPS Sprints is a camp dedicated to students who are passionate about running and the outdoors! Under the direction of Coach Abram Frazier, participants will focus on strength and conditioning, field events, and fun!  This camp is co-ed and participants will spend their day stretching, running drills, learning about field events and techniques, racing and playing games. The program will provide opportunity for some down time mid-day and split time between indoors and outdoors. TPS Sprints is a stepping stone for students interested in track and field. Abram teaches in the TPS After School Enrichment Program and is a graduate of Temple University, with more than twelve years experience in track & field.  (Maximum enrollment: 10)

Wild Science World

July 15 - 19 ● campers currently in grades 1st - 3rd

Join us for a week of scientific adventures and wonder-filled experiments! Build and use scientific instruments, grow your own crystals, combine chemicals to discover surprising reactions and confounding concoctions, create circuits to control electric power, race marbles on exciting courses that you design, and unlock some secrets of the natural world. Through both daily and week-long experiments, curious campers will investigate chemistry, meteorology, physics, biology, and geology. Expect splashes, sparks, and the unexpected in this week of crazy science fun!  (Maximum enrollment: 10)


June 24 - 28 ● campers currently in grades 3rd - 8th

Bring your creativity, enthusiasm, and community spirit as we spend a week with Terry Maguire immersed in woodworking! Campers will learn about a variety of tools and techniques as they turn original project ideas into reality. Possible projects may include constructing a stool, a box, a bookshelf, birdhouse, musical instrument, a game, and more! Campers will work individually and collaboratively to plan, measure, cut, build, and decorate their projects using basic hand tools. Safety and proper use of protective eyewear will be stressed at all times as campers work with saws, drills, chisels, hammers, and screwdrivers. Woodworking experience is not required; only a desire to learn new skills and have fun!  (Maximum enrollment: 12)

You Go Girls

July 15 - 19 ● campers currently in grades 4th - 8th

Extending the fun of You Go Girls from the school year, this camp will bring girls in grades 4-8 together through running. Under the guidance of Director and YGG founder Meg Waldron, You Go Girls Around the City will focus on raising radiant runners and empowered girls. Together we will cultivate self-worth and self-care, community, and exercise enjoyment. Between runs, girls will play games, work through cooperative challenges, be inspired by special guests, create empowering art, and engage in discussions on what it means to be a girl at school and in the world. This session of You Go Girls will take place on routes near and far from the school as students will use SEPTA to travel to different locations across the city for their runs and activities. Please note this club is designed for female participants and is not limited to a binary definition of gender. (Maximum enrollment: 20)


ZoomDance: Secret Treasure Hunt Adventure

June 17 - 21 ● campers currently in grades K - 2nd

ZoomDance is a movement program for young children that focuses on the joy of dancing and imagination. We'll read several of our favorite treasure books, like The Night Pirates and Russell and the Lost Treasure, then use dance, games, theater, and our creativity to act out the stories and make up our own treasure hunts. Kids will have the chance to create characters, learn choreography, and help make up their own performances. The group will also get to play lots of big movement games with hula hoops, parachutes, scooter boards, and more. We'll do themed messy art projects, make a giant pirate ship, and of course create a secret hideout for all the great treasures we find. At ZoomDance, we love dancing as well as creating an environment allowing kids to learn and explore how to take care of each other, be brave, listen to others, find their own voice and dance moves, and create a community to work together on adventurous new projects.  (Maximum enrollment: 12)