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For students currently in grades 6 - 10  ●  August 14-26

Summer Institutes offer first-hand field experiences in different settings that help students gain a deeper understanding of complex social and global issues.

Information on 2019 programming coming soon!


2018 Rome Institute

June 18 - 29  ● students currently in grades 9th - 11th

June 18-19: Orientation at The Philadelphia School (from 9a-3p)
June 20-29: Trip to Rome

When in Rome... In this Summer Institute, we will be immersing ourselves in Roman culture from the ancient world to the present day. Rome is a palimpsest — a city of layers that has built on top of itself for millennia. A curved street marks the outline of an imperial theater. Temples become churches. Ancient sanctuaries underpin modern buildings. In true TPS fashion, we will explore the rich history and modern vibrancy of Rome through in-depth exploration. To gain the full Roman experience, we will be staying in apartments — and since the dinner table is at the center of Roman life, we will learn how to cook local dishes (in addition to our daily quota of gelato). 

This trip has been created by TPS teachers Ashley Opalka and Jake Hunter to reflect the adventurous spirit of a TPS education, with the boundless curiosity of our students.  This Institute is open to TPS alumni only.  Financial aid is available.  Please contact Ashley Opalka for more information.


2018 Sustainability Institute: Sustainable Living

July 16 - 27 ● students currently in grades 6th - 8th

July 16-20: Week 1 at The Philadelphia School (from 9a-3p)
July 22-27: Week 2 in Seattle, WA

The Sustainability Institute at The Philadelphia School is a hands-on summer program designed to educate young leaders about pressing issues in environmental science. This year’s Sustainability Institute will focus on sustainable living, a lifestyle to reduce our environmental footprint and threat to biodiversity, in order to sustain life on Earth for years to come. 

Students who are currently in 6th grade through 10th grade will explore and investigate cutting-edge sustainable design, both in Philadelphia and in Seattle. We will explore how commercial and residential buildings and institutions can move toward net-zero energy consumption, reductions in carbon emissions, and waste reduction. We will also explore sustainable practices around food, energy, and transportation. Adventures include visiting a “living building,” creating our own farm-to-table meals, talking to Philadelphia and Seattle sustainability experts, and recreation, touring Seattle, its Native American culture, coffee and much more!  Join us and combine your knowledge of the sciences with your passion for the outdoors to help curb climate change and global warming!

This trip has been created by TPS teacher Melanie Duncan and Emily Soffa to reflect the adventurous spirit of a TPS education, with the boundless curiosity of our students.  Financial aid is available.  Please contact Melanie Duncan for more information.